Cre8 (Greater China) Ltd. ("Cre8") receives enquiries about the recent situation of Samson Paper Holdings Limited ("Samson Paper").

For the avoidance of any possible misunderstanding, Cre8 hereby clarifies that Samson Paper is our client as well as a long-term strategic partner on paper procurement for printing matters.

Cre8 is an independent company and has a long working relationship with Samson Paper since our establishment in 2006, we sincerely hope that Samson Paper would get through the challenge.

Notwithstanding the current challenging economic environment brought by the global economic downturn and the novel coronavirus pandemic during 2019 and 2020, Cre8 is having a steady progression by firmly adhere to the proactive financial policy, corporate governance and sustainable development.

Rumors about the financial stability of Cre8 have been circulating at the market recently, which has seriously affected the reputation of Cre8’s relevant businesses.

Cre8 reserves all rights to pursue legal actions against the spread of rumors and related actions.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or our Sales team Thank you.

Alford Cho
Group Managing Director
Cre8 (Greater China) Ltd.

Cre8*corp – Financial Documentation Specialist

A revolutionary documentation division under Cre8 Group and Steered by a team of versatile professionals, Cre8*corp delivers a full-array of solution in the arena of Financial Documentation, including but not limited to IPOs, financial reports and specifications for all kinds of financial instruments.

With decades of partnership experience with financial, advisory and media institutions locally and all around the world, our dedicated professionals have developed their expertise, connections and edges to be the best-pick among the players of the financial documentation industry.


Well versed with the strategic and executive operations of the financial documentation industry, our Management Team has improved and revolutionized the entire concept and methodology of the industry and makes full utilization of such striking approach on local, regional or global basis.


Initiative, Direct, Entrepreneurship and Aggressive, precisely an “IDEA on how do we offer the most dazzling and brilliant solution to suit your documentation needs. In the past decade, the endless pursuit of the IDEA earns our Sales Team the unparalled reputation among the peers.

Service Delivery Team

Sophisticated Techniques, consistent performance and a wealth of experience all contribute to the success of our Service Delivery Team, but we have done more than that. To excel our local peers, our service offerings are further extended to the areas of RegS, 144A, MTN programs, just to name a few, so you can be rest assured that any project of any scope, whether it is on a regional or international basis, can be satisfactorily performed by our Service Delivery Team.

Design Team

Thousands of visual possibilities can generate thousands of distinct and contrasting artistic experiences. Quick witted and acute senses, our highly-acclaimed and award-winning Design Team is always prepared to impact your imagination limit and enlighten your documentation.

Composition Team

Our global-based art typesetting system facilitates allows us to operate in a simultaneous and yet coherent approach to deliver our DTP services in different centers around the world on an enhanced basis.

Translation Team

A thorough understanding of professional terminologies and industry-specific contexts is always the cornerstone for an excellent translation. With highly diversified backgrounds and expertise in different industries, our Translation Team and translation partners are here to fulfill your every translation request.

Quality Assurance Team

Our emphasis on quality can never be better demonstrated by the establishment of the Quality Assurance Team, together with our Service Delivery Team, Translation Team and our translation partners, your concern on the documentation quality will be satisfactorily taken care of.

Print Management Team

Offset sheet-fed, web offset, digital, screen printing, waterless, flexography, gravure…you name it, we have it. Our Print Management Team do not just offer individual technology or management solution, we give you “printology , a sophisticated combination of essential components you will find in the entire printing management process.

Online and Digital

As one of our specialized divisions for online and digital deliverables, Cre8PLUS offers you the distinctive creativity to enhance your brand awareness and corporate image.
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