創意(大中華)與頂尖的世界級虛擬數據室供應商PandesaTM Corporation的合作夥伴關係,為您帶來卓越的網上流程管理系統,令您可在縮短交易週期的同時,實現價值最大化及透過較短的交易週期而降低您的成本。

Cre8 VDR是基於具備高度保密功能的網上虛擬資料室Pandesa ShareVaultTM所創建,該系統更發展至能專門為您提供推廣及進行有關財務交易的盡職審查功能。此外,不論您身處世界任何角落,都可隨時查閱有關文檔。

On Saturday June 11th, 2011 at 10:30 PM Pacific Time, we will upgrade ShareVault™ virtual data room to the new version 3.0. This exciting new release provides a number of new features, while making ShareVault even more intuitive and easier to use.
After the upgrade, your end users will login to a new ShareVault web application that is very similar in layout and functionality to the existing ShareVault, so there will be no surprises or confusion. In addition, we have new video tutorials. In fact, there will be a welcome video when your users first login.

Here's a list of some of the new features coming in ShareVault 3.0:

  • Support for hierarchical tags with permissions. Documents can be placed in multiple locations in the hierarchical tree which supports N-levels of hierarchy. Hierarchical tags is a patent pending approach to organizing and controlling permissions and policies for files. The approach combines the benefits of folders and tags in one simple metaphor.
  • The search page has been replaced with the documents page which has a whole new look-and-feel including draggable pane boundaries to allow for configurable resizing and infinite scrolling so that the document list can be scrolled continuously. Documents are viewed directly within the documents page in individual document tabs as embedded PDFs. Please have a look at the screenshot below.
  • The Sort By menu selection now has a new "Index" sort order which sorts the documents first by tag and then within each tag, the admin can select whether the documents should be sorted alphanumerically, by date, or by a custom sort order in which the administer can drag-and-drop to arrange the documents in a desired order.
  • In Index sort order, tag separators appear between each group of files within the same tag. The tag separators "stick" to the top of the file list when scrolling, similar to an iPhone.
  • Administrators can use WYSIWYG tools to mange the tags directly in the documents page, including drag-and-drop reordering of tags, double-click to rename tags, etc.
  • Tags can optionally be auto-numbered using a standard outline numbering scheme. Documents can also be auto-numbered. Reordering tags changes the sort order. There is a "freeze index" mode which can be set to prevent renumbering after a site has "gone live".
  • Double-click to edit a file name.
  • Additional categories include "Viewable By", which shows only files that are viewable or not viewable by a group or user, and "Original Filetype" which allows filtering by filetype.
  • Favorites capability allows users to place a "star" next to tags and/or documents that are of interest. Favorites can be quickly listed as an aid for users to mark the documents that require further review.
  • A functionality tightly integrated within the documents page allows users to click on a document's Q&A icon to view existing Q&A activity on a document or tag and/or ask a question about the document or tag.
  • Updated drag-and-drop publishing tool with the ability to automatically create hierarchical tags directly from hierarchical folders. You can publish files to many tags at the same time with a continuous progress indicator that allows you to continue using ShareVault as the publish progresses. Even large data rooms can be configured in minutes.
  • Updated Users & Groups page with easier administration because two more settings have been moved from user-level to group-level - the result is less clicking.
  • All new admin pages with updated look-and-feel, cleaner layout and increased functionality/flexibility including watermark appearance adjustments (color, size, contrast, etc.) and preview features.
  • Integrated help pages including video tutorials.
  • Significant hardware upgrades to the ShareVault platform, providing major improvements to speed and responsiveness.

Here is a screenshot of the new documents page, giving an idea for the clean look-and-feel of ShareVault 3.0: